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Inkari Alpaca Moccachino

Imagine having something as soft as your pillow, as cute as a puppy, and super eco-friendly. You want it? You got it! A Limited Edition is also incredibly rare, never-seen-before, and officially certified! Limited alpaca fleece is unbelievably soft and a reminder of how beautiful nature can be! Softer and more unique than you will ever imagine.
Inkari alpaca toys are a fun and unique gift that speaks to the imagination of both young and old! Inkari Alpaca toys are completely fairtrade, produced in an ecofriendly manner, and incredibly popular.
Product Dimensions: 15cm (Mini) - 23-24cm (S) | 32-33cm (M) | 50cm (L)
Product Weight: 300g (S) | 800g (M) | 1500g (L)

They are super fluffy, super soft, incredibly cute, and make for an ideal and sustainable present!

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