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Lonely Planet Kids

Lonely Planet Kids, Animal Championships

Suitable for children ages 6-8.
Did you know that the cheetah can accelerate faster than a racing car - or that a peregrine can swoop at prey at speeds of almost 260kph (160mph)? These are just some of the incredible facts you'll discover as 50 of the world's most awesome animal athletes compete in their very own athletics championships. From the fastest runner and deepest diver to the loudest screecher and greediest guzzler, this is a sporting contest like no other!
With light-hearted text by Kate Baker, quirky illustrations by Andres Lozano and loads of flaps to lift, this interactive book will keep kids amused for hours. What’s more, with plenty of fun facts and figures dotted throughout, including where the animals live, what they like to do and their claim to fame in the animal kingdom, this is an invaluable learning resource as well as a whole lot of fun.
Book Details:
16 pages, 16pp color, 0 maps
Dimensions: 222mm × 285mm

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