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Élhée Baby bottle 150 ml Nude

Safe, sensorial and beautifully designed, Élhée BibRond in medical grade silicone distinguishes itself by its pure lines, all in roundness, softness and suppleness to offer a special, tender moment of bonding with your baby.
Designed with the greatest respect of safety and hygiene standards for babies and infants, 0% BPA, BPS, etc.
The 150ml baby bottle is supplied with a size 1 teat (from birth) in medium flow, ideal for formula milk. You can purchase a separate set of teats size 1 Flow Slow for breastfed or premature babies.
Available in three chic and timeless tints, Milk, Night and Nude, the gentle and poetic Élhée BibRond is available in two sizes; 150ml and 240ml, gently growing alongside the appetite of its little owner.

Medical Grade Silicone: Proof of Security
Created in an innovative, medical-grade silicone certified by the most stringent international standards, Élhée BibRond is perfectly suited for contact with food.

Unique and Patented Design
Élhée BibRond’s closure system guarantees the absence of contact of the milk and its nutriments with any materials other than those of the bottle and the 100% silicone teat.

A Sensorial and Emotional Design
Élhée BibRond‘s subtle and delicate texture is soft and velvety, for a new, sensitive and symbolic perception of the baby’s bottle. A soft and velvety touch for a new sensitive and symbolic perception of the baby's bottle, as close as possible to the sensations of breastfeeding.

A Physiological and Anti-Colic Teat
Élhée BibRond‘s physiological shaped teat is perfectly adapted to the shape of the baby’s palate. Its anti-colic valve is designed to reduce the baby’s intake of air while feeding to facilitate its digestion.

Heat Resistant and Easy Care
As Élhée BibRond can be completely dismantled, the originality of the design ensures perfect hygiene. It can be washed by hand, without the need of a bottle-brush, on in the dishwasher, without any risk of deterioration.

French Design from Creation to Fabrication
Élhée BibRond is designed and produced with care in France, in total respect of people, the environment and biodiversity. Patented baby bottle- compliant with EU standard EN-14350.

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