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Gift cards


The best present for your beloved ones is the opportunity to choose themselves. UMUMU Gift card is the solution.

Select the amount of a gift card you want to buy and choose the way you want to receive it at the checkout.

Terms and conditions:

  • The Gift card is valid only at the physical UMUMU store & the online shop:;
  • The amount covered by the Gift card is the same shown on the card;
  • The Gift card is valid for all products that can be found in the store & the website as well as the products that can be ordered;
  • If the amount for the chosen products is higher than the amount stated on the Gift card, the difference can be paid by the card or in cash;
  • If the Gift card holder decides to spend less than stated in the Gift card, the difference is not refundable;
  • The Gift card is valid 6 (six) months after the payment date (included). After the termination date the Gift card becomes invalid and money is not refundable;
  • The Gift card that is lost or damaged is not replaceable or refundable;
  • The Gift card is not returnable and is not exchanged to money;
  • The Gif card (physical or online version) should be shown to the sales person when is being used;
  • The Gift card is taken by the sales person after the Gift card holder uses it;
  • If the Gift card is being used when online shopping, The Gift card code should be entered at the checkout section field called "Enter your Gift card number here"

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