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That s Mine

That's Mine Wall sticker Welcome to the jungle

Decorate the room with flora from the jungle and create a jungle adventure for your child.
Explore the series of beautiful and creative Wall Stories, featuring rainbows, animals, balloons and flowers, among others. You can easily and quickly transform the children’s room or play corner and complete the interior with a unique and personal universe. And the expression you can change whenever you want. The Wall Stories are removable and leave no marks on your walls, so you can create new stories over and over again. Material that wall stickers are made of makes them appear painted on the wall, and you can move them around many times.
Color: Green
Quality: Textile foil
Dimensions (cm):
Flowers: 15×24; 10×15,5
Leaves: 32×28; 8,5×31; 24×22; 24×21; 37×17,5; 43,5×10,5; 52,5×14
We recommend a smooth surface for the wall stickers • Clean the wall before applying the wall sticker

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