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Vanilla Copenhagen Swim Vest Neo Craby Skyway

Vanilla Copenhagen Neoprene Swim Vest with adjustable strap

Small children will swim like a little fish in the water with a swim vest on.

Neoprene Swim Vest from Vanilla Copenhagen. A swim vest increases your child's comfort and safety in pools and the water parks. The inside floats help for natural buoyancy in the water.

You can adjust the buoyancy by simply removing some of the floats from the pockets of the swim vest. When the child is at the right level, the child will be able to control his buoyancy with ease.

The vest contains eight internal floats. Which ensures buoyancy according to the child’s size, needs and swimming abilities. Adjust the buoyancy by removing the floats from the pockets inside the vest.

NOTE! Always remove the floats in pairs, starting with float 1&1, followed by 2&2, next 3&3 and 4&4. When adjusted correctly, the child controls its buoyancy easily.

Size: 1-3 year

Weight: 11- 20 kg

Chest size: 53-56 cm

Adjustable strap
Size: 3-6 year

Weight:  19-25 kg

Chest size:  55-60 cm

CE European Standard: EN 13138-1: 2014


Material: Neoprene and a strong YKK zipper.

100% free of phthalates and without latex.

The swim vest is NOT a safety device. Will NOT protect against drowning. Ensure constant adult supervision of children in or near water.

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